Charity Freelance Friday

A simple way for me to give back

Freelance Friday is a pet project of mine where I offer my services pro-bono, to charities or non-profit organisations across the UK. I offer 6 hours of my time per week equalling 24 hours of per month. (With thanks to my polyphasic sleep pattern).

Charity dependent, I’ll advise, critique and generally help out with design, development, SEO, Social Media and all things digital. That said, my entire time could be spent on design or development.

What this isn’t!

This is not a chance for me to gloat, look for a pat on the back or booster my Linkedin profile. With this in mind, I have made a conscious decision to not showcase or advertise the charities that I have worked with unless I’m asked to or feel it will benefit the charity at the time on my social profiles.

This is not a way for startups to get work done to the highest of standards for free. I will be checking credentials before any agreements are made.

What this is!

My reason for doing this is to give a little back. I have had the luck to be able to make a good living from my skill sets over the years and if I can help other people that need it most then I most certainly will. A charity with a solid digital strategy delivered correctly has a far better chance of changing the world for the better than a solo freelancer.